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Since 1989 Panorama of Russia has specialized in academic and reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


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Code: 001837
Likhachev, N.P
Diplomatika: Iz Lektsii, Chitannykh v S. Peterburgskom Arkheologicheskom Institute

[ Diplomatica: From lectures at the St. Petersburg Archaelogical Institute : ]
Moscow: Gos. Publichnaia Istoricheskaia Biblioteka, 2001
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 25.00
Nikolai Petrovich Likhachev (1862-1936), a well known Russian historian, was a specialist in several auxiliary disciplines, including source studies and Russian diplomatica. This is a reprint of his lectures for two courses at the St.
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Code: 016672
Skritskii, N.V
Georgievskie Kavalery pod Andreevskim Flagom
Russkie Admiraly - Kavalery Ordena Sviatogo Georgiia I i II Stepenei

[ Knights of St. George under the flag of St. Andrew : Russian admirals - knights of St. George of the First and Second Degree ]
Moscow: Tsentrpoligraf, 2002
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 25.50
After her entry into the war against Turkey (1768-1774) Catherine the Great instituted a new order of St. George in 1769 with four degrees for military achievement. The first two degrees were for generals and admirals only.
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Code: 022197
Iuzefovich, Leonid
Put` Posla
Russkii Posol`skii Obychai. Obikhod. Etiket. Tseremonial

[ Russian ambassorial tradition : Everyday duties. Etiquette. Ceremonies: ]
St. Petersburg: Izd-vo Ivana Limbakha, 2007
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 22.00
This book is about the diplomatic culture of Muscovy at the end of the 15th - the first half of the 17th centuries. The author collected and classified the numerous traditions and etiquette norms which were not written down, but existed exclusively in oral tradition.
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Code: 016551
Voskresenskaia, I.V
Rossiiskaia Imperiia: Polnaia Entsiklopediia "Soslovii, Titulov, Chinov"

[ The Russian Empire: Complete encyclopedia of classes, ranks and titles : ]
Moscow: Astrel`, Olimp, 2009
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 41.00
This is the first encyclopedia of the Russian imperial court military and civil ranks and titles ("Tabel` o rangakh"). (0.655 kg.). Also available on the same subject: Murashev, G.A. Tituly, Chiny, Nagrady (2000); Kliuchevskii, V.
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