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All the books listed on this web site are in stock and will be shipped within 3 business days.

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Since 1989 Panorama of Russia has specialized in academic and reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Library introduction

Library Services

Panorama of Russia now offers acquisition services designed with convenience, affordability and reliability in mind. For now we are providing the following services:

  • Firm Orders: We fill orders for Russian language books published in Russia and the CIS.
  • Standing Orders: Timely and reliable delivery of books in series, including a full range of status and management reports.
  • Ordering: We provide direct online orders with purchase orders through our Panrus.com web page. Shipping, return, and discount policies are the same as the main web site.
  • Account management: We provide order history and status information

    Library instructions

    Registration procedure:

    1. Up to three people from your institution can have a user id on the system. We need at least a shipping and a billing contact.
    2. To set up an account fill out the form below. We shall validate entered information, and you will be able to place orders after we approve your account.

    Ordering Procedure:

    1. We provide three types of orders: firm order, standing order, and request order. The request order is for books that you need that are not in our list.
    2. For firm orders, log in to the library system, and place the books you want into the shopping cart. On checkout enter a purchase order number and verify the shipping and billing information.
    3. For standing orders place the book in the shopping cart and check the standing order box (or should there be a separate order function?) All subsequent publications in the series or set will be shipped as they are published.
    4. For request orders select request order from the library systems. Enter as much information about the books you want as is available. The more you are able to provide the more likely we will locate the book. We need at least author, title, place of publishing , publisher, and date of publishing. ISBN is also welcome.


    1. We provide comprehensive management of your account including review of you order statuses.
    2. Orders not received can be claimed within our system.


    1. US shipments are typically sent USPS library rate unless you specify an alternative.
    2. Orders outside the US are shipped via USPS M-bag whenever possible. Delivery time is 4-8 weeks. Air mail delivery is also available for an additional charge that will be determined after the order is packaged. We will add the shipping charge to your order when it is available, so it can reviewed at any time.


    1. Terms for US orders are net 30 for purchase orders.
    2. Terms for orders outside the US are net 60 for surface shipment and net 30 for air shipment. Prepayment by credit card is preferred.

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