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С 1989 года Panorama of Russia специализируется на академической книге и публикациях из Российской Федерации и Союза Независимых Государств.

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'Biblioteka zhurnala "Teoriia Mody"'

$ 27.00
Stil, Valeri (Valerie Steele)
[ Fetish: Moda, Seks i Vlast`]

Fetish: Fashion, Sex and Power
Transl. from English by E. Demidova
Москва:  Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, 2014
218 p. [8 ill.]Иллюстрации
Hardcover. 16 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9785444801376
Язык: Русский
The concept of fetishism has recently assumed a growing importance in critical thinking about the cultural construction of sexuality. Yet until now no scholar with an in-depth knowledge of fashion history has studied the actual clothing fetishes themselves. Nor has there been a serious exploration of the historical relationship between fashion and fetishism, although erotic styles have changed significantly and "sexual chic" has become increasingly conspicuous. Cultural historian Valerie Steele has devoted much of her career to the study of the relationship between clothing and sexuality, and is uniquely qualified to write this book. Marshalling a dazzling array of evidence from pornography, psychology, and history, as well as interviews with individuals involved in sexual fetishism, sadomasochism, and cross-dressing, Steele illuminates the complex relationship between appearance and identity. Based on years of research, her book Fetish: Fashion, Sex & Power explains how a paradigm shift in attitudes toward sex and gender has given rise to the phenomenon of fetish fashion. Bibliographic references. Index
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» Социальные Исследования   » Теориия и История Культуры, Эстетика
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Книга входит в серию 'Biblioteka zhurnala "Teoriia Mody"'

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