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This book is part of the series
'Nauchnoe izdanie'

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Verkhovskii, A.M., Kozhevnikova, G.V., Sibirtseva, O.A., et al
Ksenofobiia, Svoboda Sovesti i Antiekstremizm v Rossii v 2010 Godu
Sbornik Ezhegodnykh Dokladov
[ Xenophobia, freedom of conscience and anti-extremism in Russia in 2010 : A Collection of annual reports by the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis]

Moscow:  Sova, 2011
124 pImages
Serie: Nauchnoe izdanie
pbk. 14 x 21 cm. Printing 500
ISBN: 9785984180214
Language: Russian
This is the fifth annual collection of reports of the SOVA Center on this topic. The report summarizes all the major areas of research by the Center for Information and Analysis in 2010. The first report, The Ghost of Manezh Square: Radical Nationalism in Russia, addresses pressing issues, such as the growth of radical nationalism, hate crimes, and the efforts of government and society to combat these problems. The second report focuses on the issues of exercising religious freedom in Russia. The third report analyzes unjustified use of anti-extremist legislation in Russia during the year in study. Appendices include statistical data and the cases which were tried by Russian courts on extremist charges. Previous reports and standing order are also available. (0.175 kg.)
» Ethnic Issues and Nationalities   » Ethnic Conflicts and Politics
» Government and Politics   » Human Rights, Political Opposition
» Law and Criminal Justice   » Political Repression, GULAG, Human Rights
» Social Sciences   » Political Science

This book is part of the series 'Nauchnoe izdanie'

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