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This book is part of the series
'Russkaia Potaennaia Literatura'

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Seks i Erotika v Russkoi Traditsionnoi Kul`ture
Sbornik Statei
[ Sex and erotica in Russian traditional culture : Collection]

Comp. by A.Toporkov
Moscow:  Ladomir, 1996
535 pImages
Serie: Russkaia Potaennaia Literatura
Hardcover. 12 x 20 cm
ISBN: 5862182187
Language: Russian
This collected work studies the historic roots of folklore erotica, and its place in traditional Russian culture and the culture of other Slavic peoples. It is based on studies of old Russian manuscripts.
» Literary Theory and Criticism / History of Literature   » Eros and Pornography in Russian Literature
» Erotica
» Humanities

This book is part of the series 'Russkaia Potaennaia Literatura'

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