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This book is part of the series
'Bumagi doma Romanovykh'

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Romanov, Nikolai II
Dnevniki Imperatora Nikolaia II (1894-1918)
T. 2: V Dvukh Chastiakh: Ch.1.1905-1913. Ch.2. 1914-1918
[ Diary of Emperor Nikolai II (1894-1918) : Volume 2: In two books: 1905-1913. 1914-1918]

Ed. by S.V. Mironenko
Moscow:  ROSSPEN, 2014
1,101 p. [48 ill.]Images
Serie: Bumagi doma Romanovykh
Hardcover. 16 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9785824316018 (pt.1)
Language: Russian
This is the second volume of the first complete publication of the diaries of Russian Emperor Nikolai II. The first volume covers 1894-1904 (also available). The second volume, in two books, covers 1905-1918 and includes more than a thousand people he was in direct connection with. Nikolai started to keep diaries at age of thirteen. The Emperor showed his diaries to no one, but made an exception for his fiancee and then wife Aleksandra Fedorovna. The Diary preserves the original orthography and is provided with comments and translations where necessary. (3 kg.)
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» Who is Who / Personalities/Biographies   » The Russian Tsars   » The Romanov Dynasty

This book is part of the series 'Bumagi doma Romanovykh'

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