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This book is part of the series
'Istoriia Rossii'

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Bol`shakova, O.V
Istoriia Rossii v Gendernom Izmerenii
Sovremennaia Zarubezhnaia Istoriografiia: Analiticheskii Obzor
[ History of Russia in a gender dimension : Contemporary foreign historiography: Analytical survey]

Moscow:  INION RAN, 2010
122 p
Serie: Istoriia Rossii
pbk. 14 x 20 cm. Printing 300
ISBN: 9785248005192
Language: Russian
Analytical survey of contemporary foreign historiography on the gender issues in Russia. It covers a wide spectrum of issues, including: periodization of gender history in Russia in the 10th-20th centuries; transformation of ideals of femininity and masculinity; evolution of family models; women’s religiosity and spiritual life; property rights of women, etc. (0.135 kg.)
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This book is part of the series 'Istoriia Rossii'

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