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Khavronina, S., Kharlamova, L
Russkii Iazyk
Leksiko-Grammaticheskii Kurs dlia Nachinaiushchikh
[ Russkii Iazyk : Leksiko-Grammaticheskii Kurs dlia Nachinaiushchikh]

Russian: Lexical and Grammatical Course for Beginners
8th stereotype ed
Moscow:  Russkii Iazyk-Media, Drofa, 2009
567 pImages
pbk. 16 x 21 cm
ISBN: 9785957605195
Language: Russian and English
This course is intended for English speaking people who have just started to learn Russian. Parallel text in English and Russian. It is designed for 250-300 contact hours, and consists of five introductory phonetics sections and twenty lexical and grammatical lessons. The course is based on the minimum vocabulary necessary and sufficient to develop elementary language skills, namely understanding spoken Russian, and speaking and reading within the limits of the topics dealt with in the lessons. Includes a vocabulary of more than 2,000 words. Parallel text of tasks and exercises in Russian and English. Contents in English
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