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This book is part of the series
'Zhizn` Zamechatel`nykh Liudei'

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Arkhangel`skii, Aleksandr
Aleksandr I
[ Aleksandr I]

Moscow:  Molodaia gvardiia, 2008Images
Serie: Zhizn` Zamechatel`nykh Liudei
MP3. DVD. Time-11 hours 18 min
ISBN: 9785235031722
Language: Russian
This audio book is about Alexander the First (1801-1825), one of the most controversial Russian Tsars. He was involved in his father`s assassination; started unsuccessful reforms; but won the war over Napoleon; founded the Lyceum of Tsarskoe Selo which gave to Russian culture not only Pushkin, but also many others who became the glory of the country; and founded the Union of European countries. The circumstances of the death of Aleksandr the First in Taganrog in 1825 have raised speculation about his possible continued life. Some have tried to prove that the Russian monarch became a monk, and adopted another name. This biography of Alexander I combines features of captivating fiction with conscientious study. Read by the author. Time-11 hours 18 min. MP3.
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This book is part of the series 'Zhizn` Zamechatel`nykh Liudei'

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