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This book is part of the series
'Neizvestnyi XX vek'

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Nastoiashchaia Magiia Slova
V.V. Rozanov v Literature Russkogo Zarubezh`ia
[ Real magic of a word : V.V. Rozanov in Russian literature abroad]

Comp., introd. and comm. by A.N. Nikoliukin
St. Petersburg:  Rostok, 2007
Serie: Neizvestnyi XX vek
ISBN: 9785946680431
Language: Russian
Many Russian ?migr?s kept their interest in V. Rozanov`s works and were in dialogue with him for many years even after his death. This book is a collection of essays about Rozanov (1856-1919) and his works by G. Adamovich, A.N. Benua, N.A. Berdiaev, Z. Gippius, V. Khodasevich, B.P. Khovin, M. Kurdiumov, P. Pil`skii, M. Spasovich. Comments, name index.
» Literary Theory and Criticism / History of Literature   » History of Literature
» Social Thought and Philosophy
» Current Topics   » Three Waves of Russian Emigration-Russkoe Zarubezh`e
» Who is Who / Personalities/Biographies   » Writers and Artists

This book is part of the series 'Neizvestnyi XX vek'

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