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Since 1989 Panorama of Russia has specialized in academic and reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


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Code: 005123E
Paskhal`nye Iaitsa Faberzhe
Mul`timediinyi Al`bom

[ Faberge Easter Eggs : Multimedia album ]
Moscow: KOMINFO, 1997
Language: English
 Price: $ 59.00
The famous collection of Faberge Easter Eggs was made to mark the notable events in the life of the imperial family and in Russian history at large. Over 50 eggs were made during of the firm `s existence, and each of them is unique, concealing a surprise of its own.
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Code: 008718-1
Mappe Encyclopaedia: Magnus Ducatus Finlandiae
Suomi. Finland. Finliandia, XVII-XX

[ Map Collection from treasures of the National Library of Russia in St.-Petersburg : Suomi. Finland. Finliandia, XVII-XX ]
St. Petersburg: National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg - DISCUS Media, 2000
Language: English, Russian, Finnish
 Price: $ 24.00
109 high quality cartographic images describing Finnish history from the very first printed maps of the territory of Finland in the 1600s to the present from treasures of the National Library of Russia in St.
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Code: 021895
Repressirovannaia Muzyka
Kniga + CD

[ Repressed Music : Book + CD ]
Moscow: Klassika-XXI, 2007
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 32.00
This book provides the history of “confrontations” of eight composers to two of the most savage regimes of the twentieth century, namely the Nazi and Communist regimes. All of the composers were repressed, as well as their music.
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Code: 018376
Zarubezhnaia Rossiia

[ Russians abroad: 1918-1947 : 1918-1947 ]
Moscow: RGGU, Istoriko-Arkhivnyi Institut, Izd-vo Ippolitova, 2003
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 18.00
This CD-ROM deals with the history of Russian anti-Bolshevik emigration of 1920-1940s. Includes analytical and encyclopedic materials, illustrations, bibliographic and teaching materials for a course on the subject.
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