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Since 1989 Panorama of Russia has specialized in academic and reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

General literature

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Code: 030663
Nivnikov, K
Aksiomy Istorii: Analiz Geografii Drevnosti

[ Axioms of history: Analysis of the geography of antiquity : ]
Moscow: Grifon, 2013
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 29.00
The author thinks that before one starts to correct the historical chronology one should be certain about geography, because old maps are even more wrong than calendars or chronologies. Many modern historians are not aware of historical geography and its problems.
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Code: 001727
Kaganskii, V.L
Kul`turnyi Landshaft i Sovetskoe Obitaemoe Prostranstvo
Sbornik Statei

[ Cultural landscape and the Soviet manned space : Sbornik Statei ]
Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2001
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 27.00
This book presents an unusual view of the cultural life of present day Russia from the perspective of theoretical geography. How is everyday space structured? What was the space of the USSR and what is happening to it now? What is new about its space and what stays the same? How does modern Russia reflect its own space? According to the author Vladimir Kagansky (b.
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Code: 030413
Geograficheskoe Polozhenie i Territorial`nye Struktury
Pamiati I.M. Maergoiza: Sbornik Statei

[ Geographic location and territorial structure : To memory of I.M. Maergoiz: Collection ]
Moscow: Novyi khronograf, 2012
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 59.00
This collection consists of two parts. The first one is about the personality and fate of outstanding Russian economic geographer Isaak Moiseevich Maergoiz (1908-1975). The second part includes articles of his colleagues and pupils in the areas of his scientific interests: socio-economic geography, international division of labor as the basis of world globalization, postsoviet borders, their peculiarities and trans-border interaction, etc.
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Code: 021132
Bogatyreva, S.I., Selezneva, E.V
Literaturnaia Karta Rossii
Priglashenie k Puteshestviiu

[ Literary map of Russia : Invitation to a tour ]
Moscow: Sobranie, 2006
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 25.00
This is a collection of essays on the literary and memorial museums of Russian writers of the 19th-20th centuries: the estates Pushkinskie Gory, Lermontov`s Tarkhany, Tiutchev`s Ovstug, Tolstoi`s Iasnaia Poliana, Chekhov`s Melikhovo; the houses of A.
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Code: 007060B
Liubavskii, M. K
Russkaia Kolonizatsiia

[ Russian colonization : ]
Moscow: Algoritm, 2014
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 23.00
This is a reprint of a course on the historical geography of Russia by M.K. Liubavskii (1860-1936) at the St. Petersburg University first published in 1909. The course includes 24 lectures covering all the major steps and territories of Russian colonization from Kievan Rusí to the early 20th century.
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Code: 031138
Nefedova, T.G
Desiat` Aktual`nykh Voprosov o Sel`skoi Rossii

[ Ten real issues for rural Russia : ]
Moscow: LENAND, 2014
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 42.00
The author of this book is a well known geographer, a specialist in the rural part of Russia. This book is about the trends outside big cities and metropolitan areas, the social and economic changes in rural Russia.
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