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Since 1989 Panorama of Russia has specialized in academic and reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


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Code: 025401
Karsavin, L.P

[ Catholicism : ]
Bruxelles: Zhizn` s bogom, 1974
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 16.00
This is facsimile reprint of the brochure published by Russian philosopher Lev Karsavin in the city of Petrograd in 1918.
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Code: 010059
Alov, A.A. et al
Katolitsizm, Protestantizm, Armianskaia Apostol`skaia Tserkov` v Rossii

[ Catholicism, Protestantism, the Armenian apostolic Church in Russia : ]
Moscow: Institut Kul`turnogo i Priodnogo Naslediia, 1996
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 18.00
This book is a review of literature on the history of the Catholic, Protestant, and Armenian Apostolic Churches and their believers. Includes extensive bibliographic references.
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Code: 029231
Katolitsizm: Pro et Contra
Katolitsizm kak Faktor Formirovaniia Rossiiskoi Gosudarstvennosti i Kul`tury: Antologiia

[ Catholicism: Pro et Contra : Catholicism as a factor of the formation of the Russian statehood and culture: Anthology ]
Moscow: RKhGA, 2013
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 69.00
This anthology includes articles of Russian authors on Catholicism as a factor in the formation of the Russian statehood and culture: from I.I. Danilevskii and V.S. Solov’ev to V.V. Rozanov and G.P. Fedotov.
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Code: 011275
Delius, Val`ter (Delius, Walter)
Ivan Groznyi i Iezuity
Missiia Antonio Possevino

[ Ivan the Terrible and the Jesuits : Mission of Antonio Possevino ]
Moscow: Agraf, 2005
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 24.00
What relations did Russia have with the Vatican and the Catholic Church during the reign of Ivan the Terrible? This book consists of two works. The first is by German historian Walter Delius, Antonio Possevino and Ivan the Terrible: On the History of the Uniate Church and Counterreformation in the 16th century.
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Code: 022419-2
Rossiia i Vatikan
Vypusk 2

[ Russia and the Vatican : Vypusk 2 ]
Moscow: Nauka, 2007
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 45.00
This collection is based on materials of the second colloquium of historians from Russia and the Vatican (Vienna, 2001). The articles are based on archival materials from Russia and several European countries and deal with relations between Russia and the Papal Throne at the end of 19th - early 20th centuries.
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Code: 030845
Valitskii, Andzhei (Walicki, Andrzej)
Rossiia, Katolichestvo i Pol`skii Vopros

[ Russia, Catholicism and the Polish question : ]
Moscow: Izd-vo Moskovskogo Universiteta, 2012
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 52.00
Andrzej Walicki, a renowned philosopher, historian of ideas and thinker, studies the several centuries long relations between Poland and Russia, in particular religious relations and the possibility of uniting the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches.
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Code: 020587
Nikolaev, K.N
Ekspansiia Rima v Rossiiu
Vostochnyi Obriad (Rim — Pol`sha — Rossiia)

[ The Expansion of Rome into Russia: Eastern Rite (Rome — Poland — Russia) : Vostochnyi Obriad (Rim — Pol`sha — Rossiia) ]
Moscow: [n.p.], 2005
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 37.70
This book consists of five works. The first three works were written by a legal consultant of the Russian Orthodox Church in Poland Konstantin Nikolaev (1884-1965): Vostochnyi Obriad (pp. 11-239), first published in Paris, 1950; Na Lozhnom Puti (pp.
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