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Since 1989 Panorama of Russia has specialized in academic and reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Language, Dictionaries and Linguistics

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Code: 011222-3
Dialektologicheskii Atlas Russkogo Iazyka
Tsentr Evropeiskoi Chasti Rossii. Vyp. 3. Sintaksis. Leksika. Kommentarii k kartam

[ Dialect atlas of Russian language : The center of European part of Russia. Vol. III.Syntax. Lexics. Commentaries to maps. ]
Moscow: Nauka, 1996
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 36.00
This is the third and last volume of this atlas. The first volume "Phonetics", the second volume "Morphology". The book doesn`t include maps as previous volumes. They are planned to be published separately.
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Code: 006745
Babichev, N, Borovskii, Ia
Slovar` Latinskikh Krylatykh Slov

[ Dictionary of Latin Pithy sayings : ]
Moscow: Russkii Iazyk, 1999
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 28.50
Contains 2,500 Latin pithy sayings and terms used in the Russian language without translation. The dictionary is supplied with information about the authors of sayings, examples of use, index of known translations.
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Code: 025573
V Prostranstve Iazyka i Kul`tury
Zvuk, Znak, Smysl: Sbornik Statei v Chest` 70-letiia V.A. Vinogradova

[ In the space of language and culture : Sound, sign, meaning: Collection of articles on the 70th anniversary of V.A. Vinogradov ]
Moscow: Iazyki slavianskikh kul`tur, 2010
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 72.00
This a collection of articles which covers the areas of professional interest of Russian linguist Viktor Alekseevich Vinogradov: Language as a system: Correlations between layers of language; African linguistics; Language, cultural traditions and society; Linguistics and poetics; Diachronical linguistics; Development of linguistics: the history and prospects.
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Code: 013380
Russkaia Ritorika: Khrestomatiia

[ Russian rhetoric: Anthology : ]
Moscow: Prosveshchenie, 1996
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 24.00
This anthology of Russian rhetoric includes fragments from the most significant works on the subject published in the 18th-20th centuries, as well as from old Russian textbooks. All works are divided by subjects: general theory of rhetoric, types of rhetoric: everyday life, academic and public speeches, argument and discussion, court, military, religious.
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Code: 027630
Khasanov, Il`giz A
Vremia Kak Ob`ektivno-Sub`ektivnyi Fenomen

[ Time as an objective-subjective phenomenon : Dictionary ]
Moscow: Progress-Traditsiia, 2011
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 32.00
This dictionary is a result of analysis of the category of time and its characteristics. The thesaurus of this dictionary includes traditional and new characteristics and terms describing time. Bibliography (pp.
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