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Since 1989 Panorama of Russia has specialized in academic and reference publications from the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Economy and Scientific Progress

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Code: 001669
Emel`ianenko, Aleksandr
Ostrova Sredmasha

[ Islands of the nuclear military industry : ]
Moscow: Rossiiskaia gazeta, Parad, 2005
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 41.60
Aleksandr Emel`ianenko, a columnist for "Rossiiskaia Gazeta", discusses problems of the nuclear industry in Russia, informs about the current state and recent changes in this area. The author thinks that new nuclear military programs should be controlled by the legislative organs and public organizations, and should develop by the laws of an open society.
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Code: 008274
Nauka i Vysokie Tekhnologii Rossii na Rubezhe Tret`ego Tysiacheletiia
Sotsial`no-Ekonomicheskie Aspekty Razvitiia

[ Science and High Technologies of Russia on the Border of the Third Millenium: Social and Economic Aspects of Development : Sotsial`no-Ekonomicheskie Aspekty Razvitiia ]
Moscow: Nauka, 2001
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 29.00
This monograph represents the first work that embraces practically all the problems of Russian science and high technologies of the last decade, including problems of technological and economic safety.
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Code: 007824
Koptiug, V.A
Nauka Spaset Chelovechestvo

[ Science will save mankind : ]
Novosibirsk: Izd-vo SO RAN, NITs OIGGM, 1997
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 29.00
The chemist Valentin Koptiug (1931-1997) was chairman of the Siberian Branch of the USSR, and then the Russian Academy of Sciences for 17 years. He made unprecedented and successful efforts to preserve the potential of Siberian science after the dissolution of the USSR and the drastic reduction of government support of academic research.
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Code: 032130
Nauchno-Tekhnicheskoe Razvitie i Prikladnaia Etika
Sbornik Statei

[ Scientific technical evolution and applied ethics : Collected articles ]
Moscow: IF RAN, 2014
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 9.00
The collection deals with the issues of scientific technical evolution and applied ethics. Contents: Engineering ethics; The complexity of technological and scientific development; Systemic risks in the modern society: the role of science in dealing with them.
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Code: 020772
Artemov, E.T
Nauchno-Tekhnicheskaia Politika v Sovetskoi Modeli Pozdneindustrial`noi Modernizatsii

[ Scientific-technical policy in the soviet model of postindustrial modernization : ]
Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2006
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 22.00
This monograph analyzes the main directions of the soviet scientific progress policy in 1945-1960s in the context of late industrial modernization. This modernization made Russia a superpower. The author focuses on the factors of this industrialization, directions and mechanisms on the national and local levels, in particular in the eastern part of the USSR.
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Code: 011016
Avdulov, A.N., Kul`kin, A.M
Struktura i Dinamika Nauchno-Tekhnicheskogo Potentsiala Rossii

[ Structure and dynamics of scientific and technical potential of Russia : ]
Moscow: URSS, 1996
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 31.50
This book studies the scientific and engineering indicators of the Russian economy before the dissolution of the USSR and in the first years of reforms afterwards, its positive and negative changes. Includes bibliographic references.
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Code: 031609
Komogortsev, A.Iu.; Nepomniashchii, N.N
Anenerbe i Vysokie Tekhnologii Tret`ego Reikha

[ The Ahnenerbe and the high technology of the Third Reich : ]
Moscow: Kuchkovo pole, 2014
Language: Russian
 Price: $ 32.00
This book reviews the R&D programs of the Third Reich which provided the drastic technological break through in Germany. Among them were the Uranium project (nuclear bomb), Die Glocke, Philadelphia experiment, and others.
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